We love Product launches because over time they have been proven to be great for:
-customer interaction with your products/services
-getting first hand feedback on the new product
-amazing PR and marketing
-motivating employees

A great example is the TrainQuarters product launch, a tech platform for Africa.With TrainQuarters, you have the power to build a successful online school, grow your personal brand and an engaged audience and monetize your knowledge all in one platform.

Stephanie Obi (Tech Founder; TrainQuarters) was ecstatic about the outcome of the event as all the objectives of the event were achieved from awareness and exposure to education and an enjoyable experience. In Stephanie’s words “this event was critical in the next steps for the platform and a great way to introduce the product to its target users”.

This event was conceptualized
#productlaunches , designed and executed by the WOW! Connect Team. Another exclamation worthy event.

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