The Clients

One of the exciting things about my job….scratch that, THE MOST exciting thing about my job are the people! Clients come in various temperaments and mind-sets. They are so different but it’s the uniqueness that makes each encounter interesting and something to look forward to all the time.

Every meeting with a client is a learning experience but the first few are so interesting with you (supplier) trying to create the best first impression; whether one realizes it or not and them (the client) watching your actions and expressions so keenly. The first few meetings with a client are a learning experience. I listen and observe. You know immediately if you ‘connect’ or are on the same page. When there’s a seeming disconnect, I most likely don’t get the job, and that’s usually better for both parties.

There was this time I had a meeting with a client, first meeting. I was kept waiting for over an hour, I was upset! I was about to leave when they came in, honestly by the time they got in I had already switched off and was definitely uninterested in the job and had forgotten all about making that great first impression. They apologized profusely and I decided for whatever it was worth I should listen to the brief. Truth is because I was upset, I was not my usually upbeat self (I was quite cold to be honest) and I could see one person had also switched off. The end was all too clear. Then something happened, I heard the brief and I forgot all about them keeping me waiting and I moved into super hyper excited planning mode. End of the story is that it was a very successful job and we have a continuing fantastic relationship. Morale to the story is that I should have tried to remain warm, might have cost me the job, second morale is we should all try respect peoples time.

I personally believe, a client and a service provider have to ‘click’ on a certain level. Not a BFF relationship but a basic trust believing the service provider understands your vision and will deliver the set objectives.

An event organizer spends a lot of time with the client, especially social/individual/private clients, the time spent with a corporate client be it on the phone or in person is considerably less, based on a myriad of factors (that’s a post for another day)! When you think you know a client, he or she turns up with something new and you are like, wow! I didn’t see that coming, (yet another topic, lol).

I personally try to understand what a client is trying to achieve even though they don’t verbalize the most important things. I have learnt and still learning to be very attentive and not listen with my ears alone. I guess properly understanding a client, their brief and peeves is extremely important in all industries not just our great world of events or isn’t it?

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